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Using Yum Plugin Security to verify Red Hat updates

Identify Common Red Hat Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Red Hat Security Advisory (RHSA)

RHSAs contain one or more security fixes and might also contain bug or enhancements fixes. RHSAs are generally considered the most important type of errata for many organizations. RHSAs are ranked using a severity rating of Low, Moderate, Important, or Critical based on the severity of the vulnerability.

Red Hat Bug Advisory (RHBA)

RHBAs always contain one or more bug fixes and might contain enhancements, but do not contain security fixes. Because RHBAs are released for bug fixes, they are often considered more important than an RHEA in priority.

Red Hat Enhancement Advisory (RHEA)

RHEAs contain one or more enhancements or new features and do not contain bug fixes or security fixes. Essentially, a RHEA is released when new features are added and an updated package is shipped.

yum install yum-plugin-security
yum updateinfo
yum updateinfo list
yum updateinfo list --sec-severity=Critical
yum updateinfo list --sec-severity=Moderate

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