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Linux Pseudo File Systems: Free Guide

A pseudo file system does not exist on a physical hard disk,is created by the Kernel and only runs all in RAM while the system is running. LPIC1 Category – 101.1 Determine and configure hardware settings It uses the folders /proc and /sys to keep track of all processes and system hardware information. /proc folder […]

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BIOS Interrupt Vector Table

BIOS Processor Instructions INT Address Type Function Description 00h 0000:0000h Processor Divide Error 01h 0000:0004h Processor Single Step 02h 0000:0008h Processor Non-maskable interrupt 03h 0000:000Ch Processor Breakpoint instruction 04h 0000:0010h Processor Overflow instruction 05h 0000:0014h BIOS Processor Print screen Bound range exceeded 06h 0000:0018h Processor Invalid opcode 07h 0000:001Ch Processor Coprocessor not available 08h 0000:0020h […]

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