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BIOS Interrupt Vector Table

BIOS Processor Instructions

INTAddressTypeFunction Description
00h0000:0000hProcessorDivide Error
01h0000:0004hProcessorSingle Step
02h0000:0008hProcessorNon-maskable interrupt
03h0000:000ChProcessorBreakpoint instruction
04h0000:0010hProcessorOverflow instruction
05h0000:0014hBIOS ProcessorPrint screen Bound range exceeded
06h0000:0018hProcessorInvalid opcode
07h0000:001ChProcessorCoprocessor not available
08h0000:0020hHardware ProcessorIRQ 0 – System timer Interrupt out of range exception
Double exception
09h0000:0024hHardware ProcessorIRQ 1 – Keyboard Coprocessor segment overrun
0Ah0000:0028hHardware ProcessorIRQ 2 – General adapter use/Cascade Invalid Task State Selector
0Bh0000:002ChHardware ProcessorIRQ 3 – Serial port (COM2) Segment not present
0Ch0000:0030hHardware ProcessorIRQ 4 – Serial port (COM1) Stack exception
0Dh0000:0034hHardware ProcessorIRQ 5 – General adapter use Segment overrun exception General protection fault
0Eh0000:0038hHardware ProcessorIRQ 6 – Diskette controller Page fault
0Fh0000:003ChHardwareIRQ 7 – Parallel port (LPT1)
10h0000:0040hBIOS ProcessorVideo services
Coprocessor error
11h0000:0044hBIOS ProcessorEquipment list service
Alignment check
12h0000:0048hBIOS ProcessorMemory size service
Machine check
BIOS Processor Instructions

BIOS Instructions

INTAddressTypeFunction Description
13h0000:004ChBIOSFloppy/Hard disk services
14h0000:0050hBIOSSerial communications services
15h0000:0054hBIOSSystems services
16h0000:0058hBIOSKeyboard services
17h0000:005ChBIOSParallel printer services
18h0000:0060hBIOSROM BASIC/Boot failure
19h0000:0064hBIOSBootstrap loader
1Ah0000:0068hBIOSTime-of-Day services
1Bh0000:006ChBIOS<CTRL >< Break>
1Ch0000:0070hBIOSUser timer tick service
BIOS Instructions

BIOS Hardware Instructions

INTAddressTypeFunction Description
1Dh0000:0074hBIOS DataVideo control parameter table
1Eh0000:0078hBIOS DataFloppy disk configuration table
1Fh0000:007ChBIOS DataVideo graphics table
Hardware Instructions

BIOS Software Instructions

INTAddressTypeFunction Description
20h-3Fh0000:0080h-0000:00FChSoftwareDOS interrupts
Software Instructions

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