Working with Kernel Modules

LPIC1 Category – 101.1 Determine and configure hardware settings uname command display information about the running Kernel. Display a list of all running Kernel modules on the system. Displays information about a specific Kernel module. Used to dynamically load and unload modules at runtime.

Understand Linux ACLs

Linux ACLs can control the filesystem features and flags for each file or folder. Introducing ACLs in Linux ACLs Kernel support Listing Filesystem ACLs Setting Default ACLs Adding ACL entries Removing ACLs Troubleshooting ACLs

BIOS Interrupt Vector Table

BIOS Interrupt Vector Table

BIOS Processor Instructions INT Address Type Function Description 00h 0000:0000h Processor Divide Error 01h 0000:0004h Processor Single Step 02h 0000:0008h Processor Non-maskable interrupt 03h 0000:000Ch Processor Breakpoint instruction 04h 0000:0010h Processor Overflow instruction 05h 0000:0014h BIOS Processor Print screen Bound range exceeded 06h 0000:0018h Processor Invalid opcode 07h 0000:001Ch Processor Coprocessor not available 08h 0000:0020h… Read More »BIOS Interrupt Vector Table

Kernel Booting Parameters

Kernel Booting Parameters

Linux Kernel Booting Parameters are passed to the kernel when the machine is booting. We can pass parameters to control disks, graphics cards, serial consoles. Linux Kernel accepts parameters being passed to the kernel when the machine is booting. We can pass parameters to control disks, graphics cards, serial consoles, networking details and many other… Read More »Kernel Booting Parameters

Understand Linux Boot Process

Understand Linux Boot Process Free guide

The Linux boot process have different stages, here i will try to explain all of them in detail mapping all memory addresses used by each stage. Starting with POST tests definitions and explaining the BIOS instructions and configurations.

Solution Red Hat Subscription Manager 2020

Learn how to activate and configure repositories using the Red Hat Subscription Manager command line. Manage all your infrastructure licenses… Register Red Hat Subscription Remove Red Hat Subscription Regenerating identity certificates List all available repos for the system subscription-manager repos –list Disabling the Subscription Manager repository If you are on a Lab environment and you… Read More »Solution Red Hat Subscription Manager 2020