Learn how to activate and configure repositories using the Red Hat Subscription Manager command line. Manage all your infrastructure licenses…

Register Red Hat Subscription

subscription-manager register --username admin-example --password secret
subscription-manager register --username admin-example --password secret --auto-attach

Remove Red Hat Subscription

subscription-manager remove --all

Regenerating identity certificates

subscription-manager identity --regenerate --force

List all available repos for the system

subscription-manager repos --list
subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-6-server-optional-rpms

Disabling the Subscription Manager repository

If you are on a Lab environment and you don’t need the RedHat Subscription manager to maintain you packages it is possible to disable it.

subscription-manager config --rhsm.manage_repos=0

Using an HTTP proxy

Many times we don’t have direct access to the internet and the use of an Proxy server is necessary, to configure the RedHat Subscription Manager through a Proxy execute :

subscription-manager config



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