nmcli command
nmcli command

Free Red Hat nmcli command guide

Red Hat nmcli command

Learn how to define a static address on Red Hat 8 using Network Manager command line tool. Secure your network…

Network manager has a new command line utility called nmcli.

Nmcli is a very robust command line utility used to manage network connections.

Red Hat nmcli command
Red Hat nmcli command

nmcli Syntax

nmcli [OPTIONS] OBJECT { COMMAND | help }

Verify Red Hat System Interfaces


Set static IP Address and Gateway

nmcli con mod enp0s3 ipv4.addresses ipv4.gateway

Change to static config

nmcli con mod enp0s3 ipv4.method manual

Set DNS Addresses

nmcli con mod enp0s3 ipv4.dns ""

Reload the Interface

nmcli con up enp0s3 

User Account Management in Linux


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