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Kernel Booting Parameters

Linux Kernel Booting Parameters are passed to the kernel when the machine is booting. We can pass parameters to control disks, graphics cards, serial consoles.

Linux Kernel accepts parameters being passed to the kernel when the machine is booting. We can pass parameters to control disks, graphics cards, serial consoles, networking details and many other input / output options.

Kernel Booting Parameters

Boot parameters can be configured on the GRUB menu or on /boot/grub/grub.cfg , these parameters are used to control and optimize peripherals functions on boot. Kernel can auto-detect information about most common peripherals.

Power Supply Parameters

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

Boot Console Parameters

The Famous RDEV utility

The rdev command can configure:

  • root file system device
  • swap device
  • RAM disk
  • video mode
  • root device permissions (readonly / readwrite)

Kernel Root FileSystem boot options

  • root=
  • rootflags=
  • rootfstype=
  • ro
  • rw
  • nfsroot=
  • ip=

Kernel RAM Disk boot options

  • ramdisk_start=
  • load_ramdisk=
  • prompt_ramdisk=
  • ramdisk_size=
  • ramdisk_blocksize=
  • ramdisk=
  • noinitrd

Kernel PCI BUS boot options

Kernel Video boot options

Understanding Chroot Jails

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