hostnamectl Command
hostnamectl Command

Solution RedHat 8 hostnamectl Command

Learn how to define your system hostname on Red Hat 8 locally or remotely. Use pretty names on your system…

Redhat 8 hostnamectl Command – All systems must have a hostname defined in order to be identified on the network.

On Red Hat 8 we use hostnamctl command to define the system hostname, this command has a few options :

Verify System Info

First, let’s check our system status and check our current hostname.

[root@poplab ~]# hostnamectl status

Define System Hostname

Now let’s define our system hostname using the command hostnamectl:

[root@poplab ~]# hostnamectl set-hostname

Define Pretty Hostname

Sometimes is necessary to use a hostname with strange names or symbols for that we can use the pretty parameter.

[root@poplab ~]# hostnamectl set-hostname "PopLab" --pretty

Clear System Hostname

To empty the hostname field just type:

[root@poplab ~]# hostnamectl set-hostname ""

Change Hostname Remotely

If is necessary we can change the hostname on a remote machine, just type the next command:

[root@poplab ~]# hostnamectl set-hostname -H [username]@poplab

Using nmcli to define Hostname

The hostname can be changed with another tool called nmcli

[root@poplab ~]# nmcli general hostname
[root@poplab ~]# nmcli general hostname

Hostnamectl Set Server location

[root@poplab ~]# hostnamectl set-location HomeLAB

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