Install Squid Proxy Service
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SquidProxies: Definitive Guide Squid Proxy Service

SquidProxies is a web proxy and cache delivery system!

Squid can be configured as a transparent proxy

Install Red Hat Squid Proxy

yum install squid

Secure Squid Service

Squid is a service and all access to a service on Operating System must be checked and secured.

First we need to think what users or groups will have access to manage the squid service, if you need to understand how to manage user and groups on Red Hat read our manual.


All SquidProxies service settings can be configured on file :

vi /etc/squid/squid.conf

After our service is running with a secure user let’s change the default port, open the squid settings file and change the http_port value to 3160

 http_port 3160

Enforce Squid Security with SELinux

How to Block Specific Ports on Squid Proxy

Block Domains on Squid Proxy

Squid is perfect to block domains on our network. We can build domains blacklists or block and entire TLD.

Read our article in order to understand how squid proxy deal with domains management and blocking.

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How to Setup Client Authentication on Squid Proxy

How To Setup Squid Transparent Proxy

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